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Technical SEO with Googlebot

A quality SEO will make your website get higher ranking search results.

Googlebot will optimize your website a little deeper.

Few of the steps are mentioned to get crawled by Googlebot easily.

What is Googlebot?

Googlebot is a bot that Google uses to crawl the web and file the sites. Googlebot is likewise alluded to as a bug. The work of Googlebot is to slither each website page that permits its access and add it to Google’s file. When a site is listed by Googlebot crawlers, it very well may be gotten to by the clients on SERPs dependent on their hunt questions.

How does Googlebot Work?

To comprehend the subtleties of how a page positions, realize how Google crawler works. Googlebot utilizes information bases and sitemaps of the different connections are found in its earlier slithering to outline where to creep next on the web. At whatever point Googlebot discovers new connections while creeping a site, it consequently adds those connections to its rundown of site pages it will visit straightaway.

Various types of Google bots

Google has various types of Google crawlers, and every one is intended for a large number of structures were creeping and delivering of sites occur. As a site proprietor, you would once in a while need to set up your site with various orders of each kind of crawling bot. They have completely treated the same way in the realm of SEO except if explicit orders or meta-orders are set up by your site for specific bots.

There are 17 kinds of Googlebot’s:

  • APIs-Google
  • AdSense
  • AdsBot Mobile Web Android
  • AdsBot Mobile Web
  • Googlebot Image
  • Googlebot News
  • Googlebot Video
  • Googlebot Desktop
  • Googlebot Smartphone
  • Mobile Apps Android
  • Mobile AdSense
  • Feed fetcher
  • Google Read Aloud
  • Duplex on the web
  • Google Favicon
  • Web Light
  • Google StoreBot

How to optimize a website for Googlebot?

To optimize your website for google bots to get higher ranking results for your website in search engines. Make sure that your website containing the following steps:

Right Robots.txt

Robots.txt effectively is a mandate for Google bots. It assists Googlebot with getting where to spend the crawl spending it has. This implies that you can choose which pages on your site Google Bots can slither and which ones they can’t.

The default method of Google bots is to crawl and file everything it goes over. Consequently, you should be exceptionally cautious with regards to what pages or segments of your site you are obstructing. Robots.txt reveals to Google bots were to not go, so you should address it all through your site to let the Google crawler list the significant pieces of your site.



The sitemap of a site is an extremely clear aide for Google Bots on the best way to get to your site. Sitemap.xml fills in as a guide to your site for following Googlebot crawlers. Googlebot’s may get befuddled by the convoluted site engineering and lose track while creeping your site. Sitemap.xml helps them in staying away from stumbles and guarantees that the bots can creep through every one of the significant spaces of your site.


Quite possibly the most widely recognized issue for an enormous website, particularly in the online business area, is dealing with copy pages. Copy pages can exist for some functional reasons, like multilingual pages. Nonetheless, they may make an issue for being appropriately listed by Google bots if not taken care of cautiously.

On the off chance that you have copy pages on your site under any condition, it is basic that you distinguish those pages for Google bots utilizing sanctioned labels to guarantee that the Googlebot knows their characteristic. You can likewise utilize the hreflang characteristic for the equivalent.

Site speed

The speed of your website decides the ranking factor of your website by google. Googlebot surveys what amount of time it requires for your site to stack, and on the off chance that it takes longer, there’s a high chance that Googlebot will bring down your rankings.


The nature of the content on your site can be essential in deciding how well it positions on Google. The high-level calculations utilized by Googlebot likewise evaluate the nature of the substance while your pages creep. Thus, you should guarantee that your substance is excellent, SEO enhanced, and can further develop your area authority.

Image Optimization

Image optimization can essentially help Google bots in deciding how the images are identified with the substance and lift the SEO constitution of your substance.

 Few steps for image optimization:

Image document name – What the picture is, portrayed in a couple of words as could really be expected

Image alt text – Describe what the picture is in more words, and perhaps use watchwords to improve its SEO

Image Sitemap – It is prescribed by Google to utilize a different sitemap for pictures so Googlebot can all the more effectively slither through your pictures.